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Planning for disability: Creating a comprehensive plan

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Estate Planning |

A comprehensive plan for the unexpected can help you prepare for possible incapacity or disability. This proactive step can safeguard your assets and provide a sense of security.

Understanding the legal and financial elements of disability planning is important. This knowledge allows you to form a thorough strategy. A good plan ensures the correct management of your finances and other important matters, helping you feel prepared and informed.

Plan for disability

This kind of preparation involves making arrangements if you can no longer manage finances and medical care due to physical or mental incapacity. Incapacity refers to a condition where you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Planning can include many legal components.

Create a power of attorney

When you create a power of attorney, you select someone who will decide things on your behalf if you cannot do so yourself. This person’s responsibilities can include paying bills, managing investments and accessing bank accounts.

Establish advance directives

You can make a living will and a health care power of attorney to detail your medical treatment wishes. These legal documents let you say what kind of medical treatment you want and choose someone to make decisions for you if necessary. They ensure you get the medical care you want, even if you can no longer communicate your wishes.

Name a guardian

Sometimes, a court has to appoint a guardian to make decisions for someone who can no longer do so. However, nominating a guardian in advance gives you a say in who handles your care. This process involves legally designating a trusted person as your preferred guardian in the event of incapacity. This way, you can ensure that your care is in the hands of someone you trust and who understands your wishes.

Review and update the plan

Creating a comprehensive disability strategy is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. Reviewing and updating legal documents and preferences as circumstances change can provide reassurance. Keeping your objectives current helps accurately reflect your current wishes.

You can feel confident and prepared when you develop a plan that addresses many possibilities.