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What to look for in a guardian for your minor children

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Does it surprise you to learn that only one-third of adults have any kind of estate plan? When you have children, this can become a bad situation because the courts will determine custody.

However, choosing someone to care for your children when you cannot is a complicated process. Therefore, these are some things to look for when you choose guardians.

Find individuals with the same values

Like many parents, you probably want your children raised in a specific way. This is especially true if you are part of a religion. However, you may even feel worried about how those who receive custody or guardianship of your children will choose their schools, their disciplinary strategies and how they can help your children develop values systems of their own. Therefore, consider views on education, parenting styles, morals, philosophies and religion.

Think both short and long term

When choosing guardians, you need individuals who can handle your children at their current age and who will be around as your children grow. Many individuals choose to name their parents for guardianship, but as they age, they may experience health challenges and may not have the ability to keep up with young children. Therefore, pay attention to age and health when you evaluate your options.

Look for those with stable finances

Whether you want your children’s guardians to handle any finances you leave them or not, you should choose individuals who are financially stable. They need to have the ability to support and care for your children even if they receive stipends or payments from your estate.

To get the best results, list several guardians and discuss your decision with them before naming them in your estate plan.