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3 things to know about Medicaid

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Elder Law |

Medicaid is an assistance program provided by the government that provides low-income people with access to affordable healthcare. For many people, having Medicaid makes the difference between going to the doctor and receiving life-saving treatment or not. However, it can be scary for people to sign up for a program that they know little to nothing about.

Here are three things that Georgia residents should know about Medicaid.

1. Who can receive Medicaid

In Georgia, Medicaid recipients must have a low income and meet certain other qualifications, including:

  • Being over the age of 65 or under the age of 18
  • Having a long-term disability
  • Being pregnant

Anyone who meets one or more of those qualifications, and makes under the income amount for eligibility, may be able to receive Medicaid.

2. Whether Medicaid recipients can have other insurance

Sometimes, people worry that they will have to give up their private insurance if they get on a program such as Medicaid. However, in Georgia, it is possible for someone to receive Medicaid and still keep their private health insurance.

3. Whether someone can keep their out-of-state Medicaid

New Georgia residents must qualify for and receive Medicaid from the state of Georgia, rather than keeping their existing coverage. Although it can be a burden to have to apply all over again, the reason for this is that rules and regulations for this program vary from state to state.

In order to be more comfortable with the process, someone should learn as much as they can about the program prior to signing up for Medicaid.