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Is my parent eligible for Medicaid?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Medicaid |

Watching your parent grow older is not easy. After years of them caring for you, it can be overwhelming to become the helper.

Planning for your parent’s medical care is crucial to reducing stress for both of you. Here are some basic eligibility requirements to determine if your loved one can receive assistance through Georgia Medicaid.

Circumstantial eligibility

Georgia Medicaid recognizes several circumstances that warrant assistance through the program. If your parent is over 65, blind, disabled or in need of nursing home care, he or she may be eligible for coverage through Medicaid. Your parent must also be a U.S. citizen or a lawfully admitted immigrant.

Financial eligibility

When determining financial eligibility, Georgia Medicaid examines monthly income and countable assets. These numbers can vary, depending on whether your parent is single or married and whether they require nursing home care. As an individual receiving Supplemental Security Income, your parent cannot exceed $914 in monthly income or a $2,000 resource cap. If married and collecting SSI payments, your parent and a spouse cannot surpass $1,371 monthly or a $3,000 asset limit. If your parent lives in a nursing home, they can collect an income of $2,742 a month, with the same asset caps for individuals and couples already mentioned.

A little proactivity may save you uncertainty and worry as the need for medical care increases. You can help your parent age gracefully by creating a thorough plan for their care. If your parent meets these eligibility requirements, consider applying for Medicaid benefits to assist with medical expenses.