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What happens when I can no longer care for my special needs child?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Caring for your special needs child at home seems like the natural choice for a parent. You want to be able to care for your child and spend time with them in your own home.

However, as you (and your child) age, you may not be able to provide the same type of care that you could when they were younger. You may also want to have a plan for your child’s care after you pass away.

Here’s what you should know about your options when you can no longer care for your special needs child.

Someone to oversee care

You play a significant role in coordinating care for your child. Eventually, you will need someone who can make plans for your child and develop alternatives as your child’s needs change.

In these situations, parents often appoint a trustworthy friend or family member who can have power of attorney and make decisions for a special needs child. The person with power of attorney would be able to coordinate care and determine what support your child needs.

Financial management

In addition to having someone who can plan care for your child, you will also need someone who can coordinate the financial side of the equation. You may want to keep your child’s team small and have the same person overseeing care manage their finances. Alternatively, you may want a separate trustee to supervise your child’s finances.

Building your team

Depending on your child’s needs, you may find that you need to have several people working together to coordinate care for your child to support their physical and mental health and their finances.

Ideally, you will want people willing to work together and with the same vision for your child’s best interests. You may want to start talking to the people you want on your team early so that they understand what you want for your child. You should also write a letter of intent so that the people on your child’s team know what you want now and into the future.

When you have a plan for your child’s care, you can have peace of mind that they will receive the support they need for the rest of their lives.